Coach Kuba’s training philosophy is centered around the understanding that to achieve success in athletics and in life, one must first understand their current standing and their desired outcome. He uses a three-pronged approach, evaluating where the individual stands, where they want to be and the steps necessary to get there.

Coach Kuba places emphasis on understanding the individual’s vision and the reasons behind it, believing that vision, belief and support must be in alignment for success to be achieved.

He also understands that an athlete’s success is not only dependent on the athlete but also on the environment they are in on a daily basis. As such, Coach Kuba places equal importance on mental health and stability as he does on physical training, recognizing that it is the mind that controls the body.

Coach Kuba’s expertise and guidance can aid individuals in reaching their goals, whatever they may be, by providing them with the fundamentals necessary for success. He promises to make the journey an enjoyable one, while pushing individuals to challenge themselves and be their best. Coach Kuba’s philosophy is that the more one challenges themselves, the better they become.

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11 April 2019

I’d definitely recommend Kuba for snowboarding Lessons! He was responsive, on time and had my son boarding down large hills in just three hours! My son loved him! He’s amazing.

Wendy Quivey
6 April 2019

Amazing coach. Kuba definitely knows his stuff. Besides being great technically, he is inspiring and awesome to chat with 😉